What We Do

We design print and digital media. We make our clients’ sales and marketing materials look great and communicate an image and message that optimizes their market position.

We design web sites, sales presentations, brochures, catalogs, logos, flyers, mailers, email blasts, print ads, trade show booths, and 3D modeling and animation. If it’s digital or printed marketing stuff, we do it.

We work with our clients at different levels. From simply designing a single piece where the client has predetermined the objective, theme, and message; to projects where we help our clients figure out the optimal image they should project to the market and develop the pieces to accomplish their broadly defined goals.

What We Do is help our clients succeed.

Steps to a successful design

  1. Define the media
    Before charging off into the design of a project it is important to determine the best media. Sometimes our clients are very sure of the piece they need and do not need any advice on the type of media that best accomplishes their objectives. However, after understanding their sales cycle and the objective for the piece, we often offer alternatives that they had not considered.
  2. Define the objectives
    It is very important to establish the objectives for any design project. Often a client develops an idea for a brochure or digital presentation and after we help them establish clear objectives, the project heads in the right direction.
  3. Interview
    The best information to support a design is usually in our clients head. We just have to ask the right questions.
  4. Determine the image and theme
    Once we know the objectives and we know our client’s advantages and position in the market, we determine what the general image and theme should be for the project. This information leads to the tag lines and the overall graphic design.
  5. Determine the message
    This portion takes on very different characteristics depending on whether it is for a print ad, brochure, digital presentation or web design project. In all of these cases, the message is extremely important.
  6. Develop the concept
    At this point the graphics and message come together. Since we coordinate our effort from the beginning, this is always a smooth process. We try to keep the client engaged in most of our design steps. However, at the completion of this step, client approval is essential before moving on.
  7. Complete the design
    Especially in the cases of web designs or digital presentations, this step is a fairly significant portion of the process. However, at this point the ball is totally in our court and we make swift progress.
  8. Client review
    This is a very rewarding portion of the process. It’s the moment of ooohs and aaahs.
  9. Finalize
    Make changes that the client requested and finalize the design.