SEO Packages

Our Search Engine Optimization Packages are based on whether we are designing the web site from scratch or retrofitting SEO on an existing web design.

If we are performing the web design, the following fees apply:

If we are retrofitting SEO services unto an existing web design, the following fees are an estimate. We must review the current design to provide you with a quote:

Good content is essential to successful search engine optimization. Our SEO services can improve the ranking of your content, but the content has to be there. Helping you develop good SEO content is an essential portion of our SEO services. When we develop a web site from scratch, we do not begin any web design coding before all of the text for the site is developed.

An organized and systematic approach like we use when we develop a web site from scratch is the ideal way to achieve great SEO results. Even if you like the look of your current web site, you may want to consider letting us redesign the entire site while utilizing the existing design. This option saves you money on the conceptualization and graphic design. It still allows us to rework all of your text and rename all of the elements that are used on your web pages and recode the site in a more efficient manner.