SEO Tracking & Maintenance

So we’ve built you a really cool web site. Now let’s see how it’s doing and let’s continue to improve and maintain the site. Our web design service always includes setting up Google Analytics. This allows our clients and us to track the performance of the web site.

Depending on how aggressive you want to be, we should review and adjust your web site monthly, quarterly, or annually. We begin with reviewing your Google Analytics. This is a great tool to review the trends and paths of the traffic to your web site. It also helps us to identify keyword strings and pages that are generating excessively high bounce rates. From this review, we will generate a general strategy and some specific tactical actions. We then run a program that shows us where you come up on major search engines on the keyword strings that we were targeting. These reviews tell us what content we need to modify and which keyword strings need further SEO work.

Our search engine optimization tracking & maintenance program will help you generate great returns from your web design investment.