Houston Graphic Design Team

Our graphic design team is about conveying an image to your market that creates the desired result. When we or our clients decide that a print design is needed, it’s because there is an objective for that print piece. We design with a purpose. Our graphic designs are appealing, attention grabbing, quick to communicate, informative, and project the right image.

Our lead graphics designer is a very talented graduate from the Art Institute of Houston. This guy is always amazing us that are privileged to work with him as well as our clients. We have two other graphics designers that usually take general design concepts and develop the detailed designs that make up our larger print design projects. One of these designers has several years of experience on a printing press. While we don’t perform any printing in house, our knowledge of the printing business is very helpful in producing designs that are optimized for print.

The copy for our pieces is usually developed in conjunction with our clients. We typically make recommendations on the theme and message and develop the tag lines. Then ask the client for the general information that supports the theme. We then rework their submitted text into an effective message that follows the overall design and objective of the print design piece.

Our graphic design staff is all inhouse. If you are in the Houston area we would love for you to meet our Houston Graphic Design Team and see printed pieces of our work.