3D Modeling & Animation

3D animation is a very engaging way to show your prospects and clients your products and services in action. It's a single investment that can be leveraged across many business applications. Our clients engage us in 3D modeling and animation projects to support their sales, marketing and training objectives. Sometimes the same 3D animation is used on a web site as marketing piece, as a training element, on salesmen's laptops to assist in the sales process or at a trade show on a continuous loop on a monitor.

When you're evaluating 3D modeling and animation services consider the level of detail and the lifelike creation of the models. Please review our 3D animation projects and note the level of detail and the realistic look of the featured elements.

This is a true and cool story. While working on a project for a customer that has a unique helmet, we uploaded a static image of the 3D modeled helmet. When the client saw the 3D model they thought that it was a photograph of their helmet.